This project focuses on documenting, through art, the trials and tribulations of Canadian soldiers.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pinup/Bomber Girls

I've been working on an idea for a while that would re-create the 40's, war-era pinup girl. These were popular with the soldiers and found their way onto bombers, posters and tattoos. They are iconic and classic. My take on this will be a modernized version of those beautiful, voluptuousness ladies. I want to capture the style and classiness but make it more relevant to today's military. The women I see modeling for this have that classic, even retro look but might also carry some more modern amendments (EG tattoos and piercings). The Suicide Girls would be the easiest way to explain I'm looking for.

And when it comes to an audience for this painting, I can't help but think of the Ranks (Junior Ranks Club). I need to have a painting to donate to the club (and still need a patron for this one) so it would seem to be a good fit.

Finding beautiful women to model for the painting was pretty straight forward thanks to social networking (thanks everybody). I have some very talented candidates and even though my go-to photographer has moved off, his friend Carlos from the Art of Headshots has offered his services. Now I just need to source out some kit for the ladies to wear and set up the shoot.

Note that I haven't actually asked the Ranks if they would want this painting but the subject is a scantily clad model so I'm pretty sure they'll like it fine. Come to think if it, I'd better double varnish it before giving it to them...