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Monday, March 7, 2011

Gala's and Ranges

Last week Shaun and I traversed some unusual ground in preparation for the trip. Everything from attending a black-tie fundraiser to refreshing our wpn handling drills.

On Wednesday, Shaun and I attended Operation Western Front dinner at the Vancouver Convention center. This event raised $1.5M for the True Patriot Love Foundation in support of Canadian military families. Shaun and I got to speak to the CDS, General Walt Natynczyk, veterans and leaders of industry. Gene Simmons and his partner Shannon Tweed also attended and between the two of them raised about $120k. It was a great event and I wish we could have contributed more. Maybe next year.

We also hit Dave's Surplus this past week to pick up some more kit. Slacks and dress shirts won't cut it in the desert so I picked up some pants and tops that are more appropriate. A HUGE thank you to MP and CanPro OH&S. They sponsored our little shopping spree there and I can't begin to express how much both Shaun and I appreciated it.

On the weekend Shaun and I headed out to the range. Some of our regimental friends suggested (heartily suggested) that we refresh out weapon handling for heading over to Afghanistan. I should note that Shaun and I will not be armed while in Afghanistan. That said, we also don't plan on being shot but we're still wearing body armor (IE: it doesn't hurt to be prepared). Its been a couple years since I was on the range and I'm amazed how much of the drills and SOPs have changed. Lots of muscle memory still there ("don't bother with the forward assist Bair...") and its still a rush to put holes in the target.

Thank you SB, DB, TS and JS for helping us out. It was great to get out there and go through the drills. I'm really doubt we'll need them but it was great to go through the motions.