This project focuses on documenting, through art, the trials and tribulations of Canadian soldiers.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dinners and French

Re-learning French is lot of work. My trip to Afghanistan will have me embedded with the Royal 22e Regiment (Vandoo) and being able to parle français is important to our ability to document the story effectively. Shaun has a better grip on the language than myself but I'm determined to improve my own skills before we hit the ground. This past week Shaun and myself were interviewed by Alexandra Guité from CBC. She was very thorough and I'm looking forward to seeing the interview. Its airing on French CBC next week and I'll post it when its up.

This past weekend Shaun and myself also attended the annual Paschendaele Dinner at the Sgt/WO mess at the Royal Westminster Regiment. It was my pleasure to present a painting to the Mess of WO Curtis Beglaw. I've tried Curtis' patience over the years by creating painting on many of our friends and unfortunately, until this painting, none of them included him. Hopefully this sets the record straight. Curtis has always been very supportive of my crazy projects and remains one of my closest friends.

Posted below is a time lapse video of the painting process.